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All-In-One platform for working on projects
For measurers, foremen and small construction companies
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Convenient for contractors
  • All information on applications is always at hand
  • You can fill out a metering card, make a commercial offer, sign an agreement directly at the platform
  • Employees are not tied to the workplace
  • All processes are documented
  • It is always clear who did what on the project, at what stage the project is
  • Formalized communication within the team
  • Ready-to-go sales funnel
Convenient for customers
  • All information on your project in one place: measurement map, commercial offer, contract
  • You are always aware of what is happening at the facility, even if you cannot be present
  • Minimum meetings, reduced time for telephone calls. All communications with the customer are online.
  • All processes and agreements are documented
  • All your contracts with construction companies are stored in one place.
How it works?
  1. Deal
  2. Measurement
  3. Commercial offer
  4. Agreement
  5. Works
  6. Feedback
It is entered into the system by the manager or gets into your account via our API from external sources. All work of managers on requests is reflected in the system, it can be controlled. You can connect any employees and even a client to work on an application, create tasks and reminders.
Measurements and calculations
At this stage, the system allows you to calculate materials and services with reference to the room and surface, attach photos and drawings. All this can be done by the measurer, right during the trip to the object.
Commercial offer
After forming the estimates, an offer for the client is formed on the letterhead. The offer is available to the client by reference, or can be saved in PDF format.
The service allows you to download your personal contract template and generate it directly through GoBuild, no more paperwork and Excel, conclude a contract with a client directly through the service using a digital signature.
Works under the contract
After signing the contract, information about the object will appear in the work schedule, the foreman will be able to see the workload of the teams and manage the work process. After completing the work, you can sign the act with your client through the service, using GoBuild.
After the completion of the work, the client will be able to leave feedback on the quality of the services provided, you can evaluate the work of your employees, and motivate and encourage the best.
GoBuild Key Features
CRM Automation
Automate work with deals, set tasks, plan business, discuss projects, delegate, measure premises through the service, make commercial offers, sign.
Room measurements
When visiting a client, record all the measurements of the premises in GoBuild, record the dimensions with reference to the premises and surfaces, attach photos and drawings. The created measurement card in electronic form allows you to do all the calculations.
Markup Tools
Edit drawings and pictures directly in GoBuild. Take a photo at the facility and add notes for colleagues right on the picture.
Flexible calculator
Upload or create your product and service catalog directly in GoBuild. The measurement data of the room will allow you to calculate all the main and additional works with reference to each room and surface. The calculator will subtract all necessary openings and calculate the correct surface area.
Commercial offers
Create letterhead quotes with the built-in sizing calculator. Send a proposal to a client on letterhead or a client to GoBuild to discuss their project.
Agreements, acts and payments
Discuss deal terms directly in GoBuild. You no longer need to print contracts and certificates of completion. Download document templates and invite the client to sign them through GoBuild. Acquiring option through GoBuild.
"Safe Deal" in GoBuild
"Safe Deal" mode allows you to secure both sides of the deal. In this mode, GoBuild freezes the payment amount on the client's bank card and transfers it to the other party only after the agreements are fulfilled and the deed is signed.
Project Calendar
Connect contractors and installers to GoBuild, mark the workload of teams in the calendar. Assign managers to metering at the facility.
Customer Experience Assessment
Get customer feedback in GoBuild, using your customer service statistics, monitor the work of branches and divisions, brigades and contractors.
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How GoBuild affects performance
by 30 %
Saves time for processing requests
by 70 %
Reduces time spent on registration of measurements and calculations
by 60 %
Speeds up work with contracts and other documentation
by 30 %
Simplifies customer communications
by 80 %
Increases the security of the transaction
History of success
"SHUMOVNET" company
turnkey soundproofing of apartments

SHUMOVNET is a corporate division of the Acoustic Group corporation, which was created to provide construction services for the installation of sound insulation. Noisy throughout its existence simplifies communication with customers and the processes of providing its service. Another step towards the global automation of the project is the stage of combining the work of the measurer at the facility, the manager in the office, the foreman at the construction site and the client, all on one, on-line site.

So from the company's need to automate its business processes, a platform emerged that takes into account the realities of the construction industry, reduces labor costs and speeds up construction. In the process of creating the platform, the creators of the project came to the conclusion that this solution can improve the work of not only its construction department, but also any company in this industry. This is how the GoBuild project came about.

Roman Ochinsky, CEO
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